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Sunday, May 10, 2009

North West of Greenville 5 '09

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Before I returned home from Greenville's  Art-sphere, I decided to investigate the  the surrounding area  in  upstate  South Carolina to see if it warranted a  stand-alone return trip . 
'Ole Opry" in Pumpkinville
I found the area is filled with  picturesque  farms, and  quaint colorful small towns.  And there seems to be a historic road marker  posted  on every corner
State, County and local parks filled streams rivers, lakes ,and waterfalls were too abundant to count.
Clearly the answer is, "YES."   I  do need to pay a return visit to this corner of South Carolina

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Artsphere May '09

This weekend I traveled to Greenville , South Carolina
Greenville is a lovely city in the Northwestern corner of the State.

It has a  lovely modern skyline with very contemporary architecture
but it has managed to retain the best of all worlds by 
keeping its  historic areas  alive and vibrant
Historic Main Street
The  tree lined Main street is filled with gourmet eateries 
and interesting artsy shops which appeal to the college students who hang out there
 after leaving their nearby classes.
Main Street is also the site of many of the special events that the city sponsors on a regular basis including
which had brought us to town
It is one of the top 10 fine Art Craft Fairs in the Country 
featuring both regional and national exhibitors
Main street is blocked off to all vehicular traffic for four blocks  just before it  crosses the   River 
 Street performers
and live bands
entertain the crowds on the bridge
On lookers watching a street performance
A Gourd craftsman 
Booths are set up on either side of the Street beyond the bridge
with a wide  fine art and crafts including painting, jewelry, handmade clothing, woodwork, musical instruments, glass, and metal work.  CC was a little disappointed in the limited amount of painters, but one certainly could not complain about the quality of what was exhibited. It wall all top notch.
This artist makes Wooden Dolls
Even the area below the Bridge was utilized
Chalk artists rendered lovely but transient renditions of famous works of art
And the amphitheater at the River Park
Was filled with crowds watching  at a performance artist quickly creating a painting to music