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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birds in Art Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens - through 4/22/12

I stopped by Brook green Gardens this morning to do a photo shoot of some of the spring bloom.... but  instead, I spent the morning admiring the  Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum of Wausau, Wisconsin, traveling exhibition: of " Birds in Art."  .   It was truly a great exhibit showing  a wide range of birds species presented by some of the best artists on our planet.  ( Sorreeee ...  no photos allowed in  or of the exhibit)  I  whole heatedly recommend a look see if you are in the area. For particulars go to: http://www.brookgreen.org/exhibitions.cfm

Monday, March 12, 2012

Jekyll Island GA 3 ' 2

You may remember from an earlier post in 2010 that we had stopped  overnight at Jekyll Island  while we were en-route to Florida.  We had been favorably impressed with what we saw then,  and had vowed to come back and spend more time exploring this Georgia State Park Sea Island. 
 One of the things we did not have time to see during our first pass through of the Island  was it's historic district. In 1886, Jekyll Island was purchased to become an exclusive winter retreat for America’s most elite families, known as the Jekyll Island Club. For more than half a century, the nation’s leading families, including the legendary Rockefellers, Morgans, and Pulitzers, came to Jekyll Island “to secure an escape.”  Many of their "cottages" are still here. 
Today, the Jekyll Island Museum tells their stories, giving an inside look at what life was like for both club members and their employees. 
 Offering exhibits, tours, and a museum store, the Jekyll Island Museum provides an introduction to the vibrant cottage life of the National Landmark Historic District and important landmarks beyond such as this colonial era tabby structure.
 or this Plantation Oak which is estimated to be the oldest Oak on Jekyll Island.
 While we did not take any of the formal tours, we did spend a significant amount of time riding our bicycles through the historic district homes and gardens 
  stopping to read all of the historical markers along the way.
The island has an extensive set of  well maintained bike trails  which allowed us to traverse the entire length and breadth of the island without the use of  a car .
Many of the bike paths are under the shade of the massive heritage oaks making it not just a  beautiful place to ride ones bike but a comfortable one as well

The bike paths not only go through out the historic district, but
 the harbor, 

the maritime forest, 
 The maritime forest

 the marsh 
  and  even through the dunes onto  the beach.   
 We were very impressed with the measures that the State of George has taken make such treasures accessible to the public, while protecting these same areas from use.  E.g. look at the viewing stations set up on the dunes so that people can watch the sunrise without trampling the fragile dune vegetation.  They are a perfect place to photograph or paint the seashore.
 All along the way there are bike racks for those that want to stop to explore an area of the island a bit more. We took full advantage of this , especially when it came to exploring the beaches.
We had seen the Boneyard Beach on our previous visit, but had not had time to fully explore it.
This time we were able to park our bikes 
 and walk completely around the north eastern leeward end of the island 
along the river
having a picnic along the way
then back across the marsh to where our bikes were parked

On a different day we explored the opposite end of the island checking out the river

and the small marina under the Talmadge Memorial Bridge

 Most early mornings were spent on the beach watching the sun rise
 and taking pictures of the beautiful dunes for a series of paintings CC is working on

Evenings were spent back in the historic district dining in one of their many fine restarants, 
  and walking their beautifully lighted gardens.
It's impossible to name which area of the Island CC enjoyed the most, but
I think it is fair to say that we will be back to visit Jekyll Island again some day

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Watch Monet Paint

Kelly Sanford shared this film clip  she discovered of Monet painting waterlilies. The film is an intriguing glimpse into art history....but I had to wonder if it wasn't staged. ... Painting in a white suite (even for a old master) seems a bit odd.  Check it out at:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just sold: "Full Bloom"

"Full Bloom" 9" x 12" oil
Charleston Artists Guild just called to tell me they have sold my painting, "Full Bloom".

Saturday, March 3, 2012

From Tree to Treasure Exhibit at the Chapin

Running in tandem with the Jameson exhibit at the Chapin Museum was an exhibit entitled " From Tree to Treasure". The 50 pieces on exhibit were the work of some of the finest woodworking craftsmen in the US, and the best I ever ever seen assembled together in a single exhibit. Definitely worth taking a look at this collection.

Woodland Textures Exhibit at Chapin Museum

Oil Painting by William Jameson
Went to the Chapin Museum in Myrtle Beach today to see
William Jameson's oil painting series "Woodland Textures" which is showing until April 26. What a fantastic exhibit. You could all but walk into some of those scenes.