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"We have a wonderful world to be inspired by and each new day is like an adventure into the unknown, where things that require a second glance can be captured in time on a canvas for anyone to enjoy forever." (Louise Corke)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Sedona Series now on Exhibit: 10 '15

Eight of my paintings from my Sedona Series went  into the Seacoast Artists Gallery today
 (at 3032 Nevers Street, Myrtle Beach, SC). 
 I  still have a couple more paintings from this series at home, as the oil is too wet to hang.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sedona Series Layout: 10 '15

I have been working all week on getting the Sedona Series ready to be hung at the Seacoast Artists Gallery tomorrow.  As usual, the gallery notified me a couple of weeks ago, how much space I was allocated, and where that space would be.  It is now up to me to decide how many paintings I should put in that space , and  how to arrange that set within my  wall space.  

Of course the Gallery does have rules about the minimum amount of space they allow between paintings, and how close to the floor or ceiling one can hang art work,  but that still leaves a lot of room for arrangements.  I spent  most of the day today trying different layouts out on my living room floor to see which paintings looked  together by color and shape.  After a testing out a dozen different arrangements, I have finally settled upon this one.   It will allow me to hang  at least eight of the ten paintings from the Sedona Series, and still have enough flexibility in sizes that if one sells, I won't have to  rehang the entire wall just to replace it.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sedona Series Updated Photos 10 '15

Airport Mesa Overlook

One of the last things I do before framing my paintings is take a high resolution photograph of each one.  This requires mounting the unframed painting on a black velvet background, setting up photo lamps on stands aimed at 45 degree angles to the painting and mounting my camera on a tripod.  The camera is then  raised to be even with the center of the painting and perpendicular to the paintings surface.  The goal is to get a high quality photograph which is as close the painting's actual color as possible. This is what the the Sedona set looks like.

Where's the Bear?

Oak Creek's Slide Rocks

Bell Rock Trail

Bell Rock Meadows

Kachina Vortex

Moon Watcher

Cathedral Rock Reflections

Devil's Arch

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sedona Series' Cathedral Rock: 10 ' 15

Cathedral Rock Reflections 11'w x 14" h Oil Painting

This painting presented some interesting challenges.  The classic view of this landmark is usually viewed with the red spires reflected in Oak Creek's still waters.  To get this perspective photographers stand in the middle of the creek when the water level is low and there weather is cold enough that no one is in the  water. 

Unfortunately, on the day we were there, temperatures had reached 105 F, and  every inch  of water was occupied by somebody trying to cool off.    even upstream, in the areas where there was large areas of exposed rock and little water to splash in, there were families spread out everywhere ,picnicking and enjoying the view. I was finally able to snap a few  small puddles  in the rocks with good reflections, .  I had to crop the people out of the scene then  concentrate on painting a more interesting foreground.

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Nice reminder of 'Summertime' from FB" 10 '15

FaceBook just reminded me that I had posted this photo  two years ago today.  

These oil paintings were what remained from my featured artist exhibit, titled 'Summertime' which held at Charleston Artist Guild in 2013. Many of the paintings from that series sold at that exhibit. After the Charleston exhibit closed, I moved the remaining paintings to the Applewood Gallery.   This  was a pleasant reminder of how the series captured the sense of summertime playfulness of summer in the low country.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Finished?? TBD 10 '15

I think I have just about finished my painting of Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ . ( I am still trying to decide whether I want to modify the sky color). 

In the meanwhile, I am going to start working on a new painting of Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing. This is one of the most photographed places in the world, so it will be challenging to see if I can create an interesting perspective.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

De'ja Vu?

I woke up this morning to find this photo of ' Philadelphia Alley' on today's Facebook post from 'Glimpses of Charleston'. It was taken from almost the same spot I sketched my pastel of this well known street.

Its a different time of day so the color palette is different, but I think I nailed the sense of place.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

SAG Fall Show Reception 10 '15

The torrential rainfall South Carolina had at the beginning of October forced the Seacoast Artists Guild to reschedule their opening reception for their fall art show. We went to the reception this evening.

Our President, Woody Bowers announcing the Fine Art Craft Awards

Of course the highlight of the evening was the eagerly awaited announcements of awards for the categories of : 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, fiber art, and photography. There was also an award given for the Best in Show. 

Waiting for the awards to be announced.

I didn't have anything in the show, but I must say it was really nice to get out just to socialize after being housebound for so long. 

We really enjoyed talking with the collectors, as well as the artists and their models.

Artist Rachael Jones  and the model for her award winning painting 'Unfinished Man'( seen to his right)

Then there was the art itself. Like my husband said, "It just keeps getting better and better in this gallery."