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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hidden Park in the middle of Winyaw Bay Aug '09

East Bay Park is a Georgetown County City Park  which sits near the end of  a peninsula which juts out into the middle of Winyaw Bay. The park is an open grassy area  which is used for  funtions like farmers markets, soccer matches, and  other out of door gatherings.  The area around the grass  surrounded by parking lot. Which seems at first glance  to be all there is to the place.

Then one day I was loading  purchases from the farm stands into the car and noticed a man with a fishing pole follow a small trail from the end of the parking lot into the marsh. Hmmm! Is there more to this place than I knew about?
Curious, I followed the same narrow trail as the man before us.
It led through the marsh grasses to a small wooden bridge which crossed the march and brought me very close to  many  beautiful marsh birds.
Then I found ourselves on a small pine tree covered island at the very tip of the peninsula. 
The island  while unknown to us is obviously well known to local fishermen.  It has a a picnic shelter with a fish cleaning station, and lots of places along the banks where it is clear that angles hang out regularly.  It also has some remarkable views of the Winyaw Bay.
  Definitely a good place to check out the sunrise and would be a good place to do some plein air painting or photography with a friend or two.