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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hawaii: Gallery Hopping 3 '08

One of our favorite things to do in Hawaii is go Art  Gallery hopping. That's easy to do on the Big Island, as there are a lot of fine galleries representing both off island and local artists.
Volcano Art Gallery Volcano NP HI
The Volcano Art gallery in the Volcano National Park represents the best of what the Hawaiian Islands have to offer
We attended a reception there where we met glass artist
Marian Fieldson
and bought several of her beautiful  glass plates
Each is unique and cast in lava molds
I love their organic form
And she doesn't skimp on her color... red glass is becoming very rare..
A Red Glass Plate by Fieldson
On the opposite side of the Island we visited all of the little galleries in Hawi which offer  fine art crafts from the local area.
A gallery in Hawi
One of many studio galleries in Honolua
And of course we had to visit the artist colony of Honolua  which is the home of one of my favorite regional artist: Darrel Hill
Darrel Hill Studio

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