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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Asheville NC: October 16-17, 2008

Asheville NC: October 16-17, 2008
The City of Asheville is the largest city in Western North Carolina. It is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is known for its natural beauty and good arts and crafts. 

  From our house it is an easy hop, skip, and a jump, making it an ideal location for a quick weekend getaway and to check out the art shows theat are held there..   Fortunately we decided to make it a four day long weekend, because there is so much to do in the area that we didn’t begin to see it all.
Downtown Asheville, NC's street scene

Downtown Asheville lives in its own artistic microcosm.  There is art everywhere -- in galleries, churches, businesses, and in every restaurant - not to mention on the street corners.  It’s been ranked as one of the best art communities in the US.  It is impossible to see it all… but we tried. As Bruce put it after two days of gallery-hopping, “I’ve seen so much art my head feels like it is going to burst”  Fortunately Asheville also has plenty of fine restaurants to help fuel our bodies for our marathon Thursday/Friday art walk.

BJ in the Blue Spiral Gallery
 And in the evening we could relax with a glass of wine and just enjoy the beauty of the area  from the comfort of our RV campsite. 
View from our campsite

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