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Friday, June 11, 2010

Charleston Artists and Craftsmen Supply 6 '10

I've made a wonderful discovery.  Charleston South Carolina has a terrific art supply store right across from Marion Square.   You can't begin to understand how happy this makes me.  Before this discovery, the nearest large art supply stores that I knew about were in Colombia, SC  (3 hours drive) and Raleigh, NC (4 + hours drive).  That's not exactly a quick run to the store. 

Sure, in a pinch  I can always go to AC Moore,  Michael's Crafts, or  a couple of small mom and pop stores in my area for a tube of titanium white paint, but just try to get an unusual brush or  an odd size canvas in a hurry from any vendor nearby. Ha! 

I've had to  rely upon the online superstores for any unique supplies.  Not that I have anything against online shopping if I know exactly what I want, and have the time to wait for it.  Unfortunately,  sometimes  the only way to know for sure whether a brush or paint will meet my needs is to talk to a real live person, or to be able to examine the supply in person. For example I've been needing a fan brush for a specific project, but it had to be a stiff enough to do the job ( and I had no way to calibrate bristle stiffness).  I just couldn't be sure of what I was finding online,  but it took me less than two minutes to find the right stiffness when I could feel the bristles. 

So no more guessing for me.  This place is an hour away,  and seems to have a nice selection of all things arty. It won't be too much effort to make a run once a month. If I coordinated with some artist friends it could even be a nice outing.  You can check the place out yourself by clicking on the title to this post which is linked to their website, or visit them at:

Artist and Craftsmen Supply 143 Calhoun St.

Charleston, SC 29401

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Toll Free: 877.560.4507Phone: 843.579.0077

Fax: 843.579.0078 
M-F 9 AM - 8 PM

Sat & Sun 10 AM - 7 PM

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