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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blue Ridge Mountains Nov '10

I spent a week in southwestern North Carolina on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Home base was a small resort town called Lake Lure, but other than a round of golf at the local course, most of the trip was spent investigating nearby areas of the Appalachia.
Lake Lure, NC in the late afternoon 

Top on my list of things to explore was the Blue Ridge Parkway. On a previous visited to the area I had traveled the Southern-most portion between Cherokee and Asheville, so this trip explored another hundred miles north of there on the Parkway between Asheville and Boone North Carolina.
CC on mile high Grandfather Mountain
While there was still plenty of fall foliage to see at the lower elevations, a storm the week before had stripped the upper ridges of most deciduous vegetation. The good news is that it cleared away the foliage so that one could see all the way to Charlotte NC some 90 miles to the South.  In my opinion the lack of foliage made for some much cleaner reference photos with a definite center of interest

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