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"We have a wonderful world to be inspired by and each new day is like an adventure into the unknown, where things that require a second glance can be captured in time on a canvas for anyone to enjoy forever." (Louise Corke)

Friday, April 22, 2011

New pastel painting of Jeckell Island Marsh

11"x14" pastel of Jeckell Island Marsh.. The photo color  is more saturated than the actual painting.
 Last November I visited Jeckell Island.  I was very impressed with all the beautiful colors in the marsh.
Reference photo used to create the painting.
The pastel work area was set up so I could see both a value and a colored rendition of the reference.
I printed out the reference photo in color black and white to give me a understanding of the values in the scene.  I also displayed the photo on a monitor next to my easel. , then made a little test sheet of the colors/values  I wanted to use. Using my newly sorted values made painting the scene a snap.

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