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Friday, October 7, 2011

Veterans Day in Charleston Oct '11

I  was gallery sitting at the Charleston Artist Gallery today when I heard a loud roar of motorcycles.  
 Looking out the front door onto East Bay Street I saw a huge platoon of riders each carrying a flag representing the  branch and division of the military  they had served in.
 These were followed by several blocks of floats carrying  retired military personnel from each of the armed forces and their families
As did military support organizations

 Not to be outdone,  active service men and women paraded in formation,

 some with mascots. 
And, of course, there were several military schools represented, and lots of ROTC  units.
Interestingly there was not a single marching band; there was not even a loudspeaker broadcasting marching music..  Instead the different units too glee in trying to outshout one another with their lusty military marching chants.  All told the parade took nearly two hours to pass from first riders to the last motorcade.
But hey!  Waddja expect.  ITS (Its the South)  We love our Armed Forces here.

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