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Sunday, December 4, 2011

More wildlife paintings completed

Three Wildlife Paintings in progress
Remember this photo I posted of  the Wildlife paintings  I was working on last week? 
 Two of the three are complete.
Egret in progress
Here's a closer look at the process.  A lite coat of Cadmium red light acrylic was used as a mother color over a gessoed artist panel... After the acrylic dried, I sketched in the main shapes.  Then I used ultramaire blue, alizarine crimson, and Cad Yellow Dark oil paint (plus minimal Titanium White) to block in all the main shapes.  After that dried, I when back and refined the values in those areas using the same paint hues.  Finally, when I was happy with the background,  I painted in the egret using white tinted with the colors in the background.
Finished Egret on a Post
I used the same process in working on the Redwing Blackbird.
Red Wing Blackbird in the Cat-tails

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