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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Paintings of New Series on Beach Scene

After a week of rousting through my references photos and making notes on all possible subject matter for a  series I am starting on Beach Scenes, I finally gave in and  picked up a paint brush.
Team red white and blue taking a break

My first attempt was  to paint a set of Red White an Blue beach-riders I had seen resting  against a  beach fence last week.  The subject excited me, but the execution was painful.  Even after drawing the bicycles a dozen times in my sketch book,  the painted rendering looked off- kilter to me.... I wiped down the canvas and repainting the scene twice before I  felt it was okay.  Even, so, I may still elect to edit portions before I put a coat of varnish on it.

"Hot Flash"
 As usual , the second painting went a lot more quickly, and with far less grief than the first.  I love the way the colors gave the sense of how warm it was on the beach that day...

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Sandi said...

I like them both...