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"We have a wonderful world to be inspired by and each new day is like an adventure into the unknown, where things that require a second glance can be captured in time on a canvas for anyone to enjoy forever." (Louise Corke)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Carried Away? 6 "13

A nasty thunderstorm parked itself right over our house this afternoon about lunch time and rudely hung around until dinner.  With lightening strikes all around us, we had to turn all the lights and electrical equipment off.... It was too dark to paint indoors, and too dangerous to go outside.  I decided to use the enforced confinement   to prime some canvases.  Usually I only prime one at a time with an undercoat of gesso followed by a light coat of a  color that is in contrast to the color scheme of the painting I am about to start.  But then I don't usually have six hours of free time on my hands. 

By the time the power was restored, I was feeling like I might have gotten a bit carried away.

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