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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sedona Series Updated Photos 10 '15

Airport Mesa Overlook

One of the last things I do before framing my paintings is take a high resolution photograph of each one.  This requires mounting the unframed painting on a black velvet background, setting up photo lamps on stands aimed at 45 degree angles to the painting and mounting my camera on a tripod.  The camera is then  raised to be even with the center of the painting and perpendicular to the paintings surface.  The goal is to get a high quality photograph which is as close the painting's actual color as possible. This is what the the Sedona set looks like.

Where's the Bear?

Oak Creek's Slide Rocks

Bell Rock Trail

Bell Rock Meadows

Kachina Vortex

Moon Watcher

Cathedral Rock Reflections

Devil's Arch

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