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Friday, April 9, 2010

Litchfield Plantation 4 '09

 My neighbor,  Julie D'Amore and I had lunch at  Litchfield Plantation today.
Rice Field on the River
 It is an honest to god intact rice plantation

Abandoned Rice Field  complete with the shell tabby water silo, and master’s house overlooking the rice fields. 

 The place is amazing. I have to find a way to sneak past the guards so I can paint   in there.  Everywhere I looked were beautiful scenes.  … It has the largest number of heritage oaks I have seen in any location. 

Litchfield Tree Allee
   The entryway is lined with them and below that are 3 meter high red azaleas in full bloom.  

Retaining Pond
But the oaks don’t stop at the plantation manor.. they extend out in groves on both sides of the house giving the place the feeling of being in an ancient forest. 
 In truth it probably is..  Most  of those trees are two hundred years old +  That is old by east coast USA standards as our forefathers did their best to strip the land of every living tree..    

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