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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CC visits Charleston Aug 10, 2010

I haveas been debating  with herself about  whether Ishould be seeking representation in second gallery.  In the end, the answer  boils down to economics.  Would a second galley  be likely to turn a profit, or not ? So on On Aug 11th I headed into Charleston for a walking tour of the Art Galleries along King and Broad Streets.  What she found is that the fees charged by the galleries in this section of the city are really very high, and that sales are slow.  So it is probably best for me to to continue looking.
 But that didn't spoil the day.  Along the way I got to  admire the city's beautiful architecture, and  explore the Unitarian Church's historic graveyard.
and got some beautiful reference photos for future paintings. Hmmm maybe a graveyard series  for October???

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