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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Artist Date in Bluffton SC / Late August 2011

Anyone who questions that value of art in today's economy, should pay a visit to Bluffton, SC,  where local art is the powerhouse behind the town's economy.
BJ Enjoys local art as much as I do
Virtually every commercial establishment in the town is promoting art in one form or another

Even the signage is artsy

Some  are specialize in what they display  like the  tea house where we had lunch 
General Store
And some are down right funky 
An out of door art extension of the general store
The local filling station and auto repair shop display recycled  metal art
The local filling station 
For those who would rather make art, than purchase it,
  there are  also the usual anti-bellum buildings,

  interesting churches
 And beautiful scenery along the May River 
Shrimp dock
Anyway you look at it , Bluffton SC is worth a visit.

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