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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Charleston Piccolo Spoleto Festival's Juried Visual Fine Art Exhibition

Charleston hosts its Piccolo Spoleto Festival from Memorial Day weekend through  first two weeks in June.  The venue included all of the arts: music, dance, drama, literature,  and of course visual arts.  The latter includes a whole range of events... crafts shows, chalk walks,  demonstrations, invitational exhibitions, theme exhibitions, plus a juried out of doors exhibition sponsored by the Charleston Artist Guild.  The juried exhibition includes  three cash prizes for first second  and third place in painting ( an another three for photography) and ten  honorable mention prizes. All of the winners could be seen on display in the Visitor Center for the entire two weeks of the show.

This was a tough competition. Each applicant was allowed three entries.  One hundred eleven (111)  were selected .  All of the pieces accepted were of very high quality.  It appeared that the entrants  and awards winners were also chosen on originality of theme and / or point of view, as well as skill.

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