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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Which is worse?

 Which is worse?  Wasting a day driving to get supplies, or wasting three  waiting for your supplies to be delivered?

 Last night I started  working on my 15th painting for my exhibition in August.  Then I realized that I was running out of  Gamblin Titanium white quick dry.....eeeeek .   That is a critical pigment; there is no substitute for it in my palette., and no store  near here supplies it.  I went online to order some, but soon realized that even with  an  over-night  delivery, it  would not arrive until Monday  afternoon. (We live in a rural zip code, so all deliveries take an extra day).  What to do ????. You guessed it... I made a speed run to Charleston Artists and Craftsmen Supply.  Nothing like a 150 mile round trip for a $20 product.... But at least I can continue working on the painting  while the vision is still in my head.

PS...   I did learn from this experience not  to wait until I ma almost totally out of  some supply before buying its replacement.  So of course I picked up some other non-essentials while I was there

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