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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Working Large Workshop Reception 3'13

I am in Saluda, North Carolina for the  William Jameson workshop
"Working Large Without Fear"
Jeannette, Maryann, Anne, Judy, Patty
The workshop opened on Wed. evening  with a reception hosted by Ann and Bill Jameson for all of the artists and their families .
Eddie and Bill
It was a great chance to get to know one another and the spouses

and to learn one another's skills
Then Bill gave  us a tour of the studio space we would be working in, and gave us an overview of the next three days' agenda.
Bill, Patty, Ron, and Veronique
He also showed us samples of his work,

and what he means by working large.

I must admit... The latter revelation was more than a bit intimidating.
Oh Well, one can's progress unless one tries. Right???

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