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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BJ''s Seder Paintings 4"14

Several years ago, I decided to painted a   7"x5" miniature oil painting  of a  Halloween pumpkin  as a warm up exercise.   I thought it would make a nice table top decoration for the holiday, and without the pressure to create something "salable",  I wouldn't get frustrated if it wasn't 'a masterpiece'.   The exercise proved to be such an effective way to get the creative juices flowing that I soon had a sizable  collection of miniature paintings based around a holiday theme. They aren't for sale.  We just use them to make each holiday a bit more personal with some one of a kind art.
7" x 5" oil  "Matzo"
This year I decided to do an entire Passover series for Bruce based around the ingredients on a Seder Plate

7" x 5" oil  "Horseradish"
It proved to be a lot of fun

7" x 5" oil  "Parsley and Salted Water"
Some came out better than other, and a some may get  painted  in a different composition again next year

7" x 5" oil  "Egg and Salt"
A couple of the ingredients , like the shank bone and the charoset, are proving to be so difficult their canvases that  may not get completed by the end of this Passover (The Passover holiday ends  tonight)

5 " X 7" oil painting of "Wine and  Elijah's Cup"
The beauty of this project is that it doesn't matter.  Since there is now gallery or art show deadline looming,  The deadline is strictly in my head.  I can always work on finishing the set next year.

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