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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Passover Seder Mini Series, Continued. 4 '14

As a follow on to yesterday's post, I did in fact finish the two last minis for the Passover Series of the ingredients for a Seder Plate
Charoset ( 5" x 7" Oil
Above is my portrayal of some of the ingredients that go into Charoset ( honey, apple, dates and nuts)
And below is the shank bone(s)
Seder Shank Bones ( 7" x 5" oil)
I am very goal oriented, and sometimes I find it hard to let go.    My head kept telling me that Passover was over, and I should put this project aside until next year, but my heart would not let me do it.  This is one time I am very glad  I followed my heart.

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