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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Danny McLaughlin Presents at SAG 5 '10

Well- known low-country artist Danny McLaughlin was the presenter at the May general meeting of The Seacoast Artists Guild. Danny demonstrated how he uses a white board to work out his design before he begins actually painting.
He began with a simple sketch of a baseball player using a photograph as a reference
Danny pointed out that the whiteboard is an excellent tool for  learning to sketch quickly as errors don't waste expensive supplies and  mistakes can be corrected.  It only took him a few seconds to sketch out the entire design.
Danny then proceeded to walk us through step by step what he is considering while creating another sketch
Then he showed us the painted  results of  some of his sketches from reference photos.  It was obvious how helpful working  out the design problems  before beginning the actual  painting could be.  Once the  design kinks are ironed out, he is free to concentrate on  the other aspects of the painting like color and value.
Why didn't I think of this before.
Thanks,  Danny!
You can see more of Danny's work at http://lowcountrybrushstrokes.posterous.com/

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