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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kate Lagaly at WACG Meeting on 10_16_10

You may remember that last month I joined other members of the Waccamah Art Craft Guild for a mini workshop on acrylic beach washes ( See Sept.19 post).

This month's  the WACG member meeting sponsored artist Kate Lagaly showing us how she uses these washes in her art work.

Kate is a signature member of  the Colored Pencil Society of America
and a very fine artist and art teacher
More of her work can be seen at

The meeting was held in the studio of Chapin Museum in Myrtle Beach where we were able to get in very close to the demonstration
 Kate showed us lots of different  examples of her work.  Here you see one half of a wash without any painting, and the other half with a portrait atop the wash

 Then she demonstrated  putting a watercolor wash aver portions of a  beach wash
and adding a drawing in colored pencil

 Then she took a partially complete wash and pencil and continued to enhance it.
Much thanks to the WACG and to Kate Lagaly for the interesting and informative afternoon.

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