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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Local Landmarks of Edisto Island 10 '10

Palmetto Palm Reflections in Edisto State Park
The first week of October was spent on Edisto Island, SC.  I enjoyed the stay.  It was a very healthy getaway both mentally and physically.   Like most of the sea islands, Edisto Island is actually two islands... Nearest to the  ocean is a narrow spit of sand called Edisto Beach .  Most of the development on Edisto  is on this sandbar wedged between the Atlantic Ocean  and a salt marsh. There's no canned entertainment and hardly any restaurants even on Edisto Beach..  I spent most of the week touring local nature preserves and historical centers and taking photo references for future paintings.

Just West of the salt marsh is Edisto Island proper.  It is a much larger chunk of land  that in turn is cut off from the mainland by two very large rivers.   It is covered with ancient oaks, towering pine, and juniper, interspersed with tidal creeks and marshes, Edisto Island proper is mostly rural small family  farms , remote wildlife management preserves, (and a lot of AME and Baptist churches). The low country scenery is magnificent and chalk full of colonial and civil war history.  I had my bike with me so I was able

 to explore a lot of the area at a very leisurely pace.  My favorite place was through Botany Bay, which is a Wildlife Preserve managed by the Nature Conservancy.  The preserve is composed of 12 former Plantations  which date back to colonial times.

Erosion on Botany Bay Beach
Jeremy Cay

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