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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brookgreen Waterlilies I

Spring is near and I am dreaming of flowers and warm days.
Original oil painting : " Brookgreens Waterlilies I"
I took a stroll  through Brookgreen Gardens last week.  Not much is in bloom yet, but the walk did inspire me to go back and review some of the photos I took there last Spring and summer.  The photos  I captured of  the waterlilies in the Alligator Fountain  brought back sweet memories of warm sunny days.  I  used the photo below as the basis for the painting above.

My  original reference photo of the waterlilies in Brookgreen's Alligator Fountain

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Indigo Fine Art Gallery said...

Cecelia, when's the best time to capture the waterlilies at Brookgreen Gardens? Why don't we meet there and shoot some this year? Maybe we can then each paint from our photos and compare results??
Helen K. Beacham