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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Studio Modifications 2'11

I've been painting up a storm  this past month and have completed 14 oil paintings in various sizes...It's a really good start on feeding the gallery  fresh material and having plenty of additional new painting for the upcoming shows.  Trouble is ---the paintings  can't be touched  or touch anything else until they are  dry.    I have had oil paintings stacked everywhere... atop of my books in the bookcase, on top of other dry paintings ( separated by a clean rag), on my desk, on my still life platform.... And the more I painted, the greater the risk one painting would  fall over or get knocked into another.  I tried making some cardboard canvas carriers, but my cat thought it was a new place to play hide n seek.  Pulling cat hair out of wet paint is no fun at all.

Two shelves up one more to go....he even kept the plaster from falling on the canvases below.

That's when my wonderful husband came to my rescue.  He  put up a high shelf the full length of the studio.  It's too high for the cat to jump up onto, wide and long  enough to support most of my standard canvas sizes, and because it is up so high,  the canvases are not in danger of being accidentally bumped or knocked over.   This should give me plenty of drying space and free up a lot of work area.  Life just got a whole lot simpler.

 Finished. Thank you, darling! 

"You're Welcome", he says.

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