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Friday, May 11, 2012

Artisphere in Greenville SC5 "12

Artisphere  is set up on the west end of Main Street
 in Greenville,SC
Every May, Greenville, SC hosts Artisphere, one of the best fine art and craft street fairs in the United States.
The main thoroughfare of the city is blocked off for artists and craftsmen from all over the United States to set up tents displaying their art.  I don't think I have ever seen so many different  artistic medias represented in one festival.
One of 120 exhibit booths
There are photographers, and painters, glass blowers, metal and wood sculptures, printers,  fiber artists,  furniture makers, jewelers , basket makers, ceramists, and  digital artists  displaying their unique artwork.

Fiber Artist Joe Camillas quilt made from book covers.

Book Cover Quilt

Artist Steven Kostyshyn combines ceramic stoneware with basketry
And the art scene doesn't stop at the display booths.... The festival includes  three days of of non stop free  local musician,vocalists, dancers,  symphony orchestras,and street performers,  and children's programs, not to mentions fine art exhibits  in the local museums, and hotels..

Street banner

Even the streets and parks and river front are festooned with banners and flags

Flags over the river.

Artisphere Runs May 11 through May 13th  in the west end of downtown Greenville, SC
For more information call 864 271-9398

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