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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lesson Learned: Watch for Fire Ants

Last Wednesday, while scouting for a plein air painting scene,  I inadvertently stepped on  a fire ant hole.  Before I had time to step back, both feet and ankles were covered with the ants in full attack mode.  I wound up with bites all over both feet and ankles; they even bit me between my toes and on the soles of my feet.

So far I have counted 73 individual bites, and more keep breaking out eac day .  I get one set of bites under control and another  breaks out .  Seven days later, I am still taking antihistamines to control the burn.  Guess I 
won't be  plain air painting in that locationAnd next time I will certainly be paying  as much  close attention to where I am painting, and  as what I am painting.

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