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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seacoast Artist Guild Awards Ceremony Oct '10

The Seacoast Artists Guild of South Carolina, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing excellence in the visual arts, opened its judged 9th Annual Fall Art Show and Sale with an elegant awards ceremony held at the Inlet Square Mall in Murrells Inlet on Wednesday evening, October 10th.
Congratulations to Artists and Recent Winners 
of the Seacoast Artists Guild Fall 2012 Show and Sale

Professional Category 2 Dimensional Art
 2nd Place:  “Morning Mist” by Richard Nelson

3rd Place:  “Gentleman Wearing a Dark Hat" by Sharon Sorrels
Hon. Men: “This One’s For You” by Paula Robertson
Hon. Men: “ ’57 Chevy” by Barnie Slice
Hon. Men: “Why I Like Blue” by Nora Mackin
Hon. Men: “Flash of Green” by Denny Stevenson
Professional Category 2 Photography
2nd Place:  “Tunnel Vision” by Pat Walsh
3rd Place:  “Sunflowers at French Market” by Sandra Anderson
 Hon. Men: “Weathered” by Sandi Blood
Hon. Men:“Front Street Boardwalk” by Bill Barber

Professional Category 2 Open
 2nd Place:  “Pinnacle” by Richard Cash 3rd Place:  “Autumn” by Marlene Askins Hon. Men. “Pack Mule” by Richard McGrath Hon. Men. “Killdeer” by Richard Cash

Non-Professional Category 2 Dimensional Art 
2nd Place “Pondering” by Linda Aptt
3rd Place:  “Diana” by Linda Aptt
Hon. Men: “Diamond in the Rough” by Joyce Lincoln
Hon. Men: “Far Eastern Impressions #5” by Ulrike Morollo

Professional Category 2 Dimensional Photography
2nd Place: “Baby Willy” by Christine Lizzul
Hon. Men: “Paris Architecture” by Nicholas Mariano 

This season, fall in love with the Creative Spirit of your local artists. 
     Not only will you receive an original and inspiring work of art, your purchase will support 
     Training & Educational Art Programs at our local schools and help fund Scholarships to be awarded to 
     gifted art students.  For every $100 spent by customers in art 
     purchases, the Seacoast Artist Guild will donate $25 to its training and scholarship fund. 
For photos of all of the show entries click Here

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