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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seacoast Artist Guild Fall Show Success is well earned 'Oct "10

Thanks to the Show Coordinator, Sandi Blood, and the SAG Board of Director who helped to make 
The Seacoast Artist Guild Fall show a Great Success
Most people never get to see the  hours and hard work that goes into  such an event.
Sandi started months ahead of time planning for the event and securing the facility.
Publicity Chair, June Groft and our webmaster, Mike Covington worked ours to get the advertising in place and word out on the internet

Eugenia Tibbet coordinated food donations, and organized the general members to serve it at the Awards Reception..
  Keeping track of the expenses and sales fell on on Treasurer Walter Cushman's shoulders
This show is the largest and most impressive collection of art and fine art craft the Guild has ever sponsored.   Over 80 artists signed up and participated.  Just organizing the entries and collecting and organizing the artwork was a labor of love. It took  all hands on board to set up the exhibits included paintings, photography, fiber arts,  jewelry, and  3 D crafts in this massive room..
Thanks again to our hard working Board of Directors, it all paid off .  The show was a great success.
You can learn more about this fine show and the Seacoast Artists Guild at

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