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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jane Woodward demos at Seacoast Artists Guild Nov Meeting

Jane Woodward

Jane Woodward is an award-winning area painter with combined oil and acrylic experience covering more than thirty years.  She exhibits at area galleries and teaches both privately and for CCU’s OLLI program.  At the  Seacoast Artists Guild November  4th  2012  general meeting, Jane talked  about and demonstrated techniques for painting sky and clouds.

Jane talks about different tones in the sky
  Jane's demo included how to develop a realistic range of tones in your sky, 

Jane demos how to begin forming a cloud
 and how to develop different forms of clouds using different sizes of brushes and strokes.
Evening sky 11/4/2012
As though mother nature were trying to reinforce what we had just learned,  we were treated us to a fantastic evening cloudscape  just as we left the meeting

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