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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Paint a Porch

In my pastel class the other artists were talking about all the odd strategies that are popping up to sell art.   One of the funniest was “Paint a Porch”.   The City of Charleston is known for its lovely porches and entryways and courtyards.  So the local art council came up with the idea of pairing local artists up with homeowners who want to have a ‘portrait ‘of their porch.  On a specific weekend, the artists show up to paint the porches,   the event is publicized, and public is allowed to walk onto the private property to watch the artist.  The homeowner can purchase the painting at a minimum preset price, or at $1 above the highest bidder.   What a creative win-win idea.   All I have to do is learn to like to paint porches. ( Just joking).

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