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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gamblin Solvent Free Gell Review 7 '13

As most of you know, Gamblin Oil Paints are my brand of choice. I love their thick pigment, but sometimes their density is a bit too much of a  good thing. I had been successfully using Walnut Alkyd oil as a solvent to dilute the paint when I needed it a bit thinner for the initial layers, or for glazing.  But one day I knocked the bottle over and  most of the bottle spilled out all over my palette.  While looking to purchase a replacement, I stumbled upon Gamblin's Solvent Free Gel and decided to give it a try.

I must say, I am very impressed.
I've been using Gamblin's new Solvent-Free Gel for about a week now. And love it.  For one thing it comes in a tube so it is easy to squeeze out just the amount I need.  For another, unlike oil, the gel stays in a  neat pile so I can scoop off small amounts to add to the paint until I get the paint to just to the right consistency.  The creamy textured gel  blends easily even to the densest of my Gamblin oil  paints, and adds to the workability.  Like my Walnut Oil it contains a alkyd so it helps speed the drying process; that's a big plus for someone as impatient as I am.  

I can definitely endorse this product.

For another  review of Gamblin's new Solvent-Free Gel from painter Sue Favinger Smith as she puts this medium side-by-side traditional Maroger. http://ancientartist.typepad.com/ancient_artist_developing/2013/06/the-partners-we-want.html.
Sue also has some other great tips about artists tools on her blog .

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joanieART said...

I, too, love Gamblin's new Solvent-Free Gel. Fab product. Like you, I was using Walnut Alkyd Medium before (I did transfer it to a squeeze bottle...much better!) but may be switching entirely over to Gamblins. Now if they can only figure out how to make a solvent-free Gamsol, that's my dream.