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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP-Day2 - Adding Greens to "Ricefields on the Ashley" 7 ' 13

Monday's value undercoating was dry enough for me to  mix and apply a layer of green hues this morning.  The darkest greens on the tree on the left were mixed from mixtures of undiluted Gamblin Ultramarine Blue, Thalo Blue, and Perm Green.  The layers within the  rice fields used the same hues, mixed in varying amounts with Cad YellowDark, and / or Gamblin Portland Cool White.  All were applied in very thin layers to allow the red ground to peek through.  Future steps, which will make the ground  less obvious, will have to wait for the current layer to dry..
See the first post in this process which began on July 16th

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