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Friday, November 8, 2013

PAP-SE Wet Paint Show Opening 11"13

And the PAP-SE paints Charleston Marathon continues:
All week long we've been watching the nationally, and internationally known artist members of PAP-SE painting in on the streets  and surrounding marshes of  Charleston.
   This evening we got to see three  of the paintings produced by each of the artists at  the
Wet Paint Show Opening - Nov. 8 
While I had enjoyed watching the  artist's work in progress,  it was even better to get to talk with them without fear of interrupting their  concentration,
 and to see their beautiful artwork finished and framed.
 Their work will continue to be on display  until Nov 16th 
  at three adjacent  Charleston galleries:
Coco Vivo - 25 Broad Street,
 Galerie on Broad - 29 Broad Street
and Edward Dare - 31 Broad Street

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