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Monday, November 4, 2013

Plein Air Painters of the South East Paint Shem Creek 11'13

Usually, I am the one in control of  a paintings progress, but at last Saturday's  paint out in Washington Square  I got a taste of what it is like to be on the other side of the easel watching someone  else develop the subject.  I have to admit I was  feeling very frustrated by  having to leave before I could  see the artwork through to completion.

I was delighted to learn that the fine artists of Plein Air Painters of the South East  were planning on painting  painting together again at Shem Creek.  

My friend Annette Goings and I left very early so we could insure getting to the Shem Creek Shrimp Docks  while the light was ideal and the artists were still in the early stages of the composition .  Even so, there were still  several early birds who  had nearly finished  one painting  before we arrived , and were about to begin another.
Frank May
Frank May and Diane Cruickshanks May were bundled up against the cold
 on an exposed boardwalk
Diane Cruickshanks May
  painting the "Sea Horse" upstream from where they were set up.
"The Seahorse"
Jim Richards
James Richards and Lori Putnam had set up inside a sheltered gazebo to paint the
 "His and Hers" and the "Capt. Tang"
Lori Putnam
 This is how the shrimp boats " looked from  their field of vision.  They had nearly finished their paintings and were about to begin another when I arrived 
His and Hers and Capt Tang
Jim and Lori  and had nearly finished their paintings, 

Frank May  and Diane Cruickshanks May( Foreground)
when Frank May and Diane  Cruickshanks May showed up to begin working on their  second paintings of the morning .
Mrs Judy Too and Winds of Fortune
 Within a half hour of our arrival, a dozen or more painters  had arrived and set up along the boardwalk.
Dee Beard Dean and Annette Goings
Dee Beard Dean  was one of the first to arrive.
Hodges Soileau and Dee Beard Dean
Hodges Soileau set up next to her 
Sea Horse from Hodges and Dee's viewpoint
Both artists had a similar line of sight of the  "Sea Horse", but each painting was unique

Sea Horse from Shannon's vantage
Shannon Smith had slightly different angle of view 

And an entirely different approach to the subject

One thing all of the painters had in common was that they each elected  to paint the shrimp boats as opposed to the marsh.   I am not sure if that is beacause it was a unique opportunity to do so for the many landlocked artists in the group, or if it is just because they felt that boats well better.  But it was interesting to not that almost everyone painted a shrimp boat as opposed to a marsh scene.

For More about the Plein Air Painters of the South East
Check out their website at: http://pap-se.com/
 or their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/papsoutheast

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