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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sometimes its about the journey 11' 13

Charles Williams and Annette Goings
 Sometimes finding inspiration is more about taking advantage of the opportunities that arise along the journey than getting to the planned destination. I had blocked off Saturday to be spent  meeting and  greeting visitors at at the Charleston Artists Gallery, but  my friend Annette Gongs reminded me that  artists from the CFADA would be sponsoring and plein air paint out with signature artists of  the Plein Air Painters of the South East.  Gotta go with the flow.
Larry Moore painting Broad Street Architecture

Some of you may remember, that I had attended this event in xxxx  shortly after I first arrived in the South east, and was disappointed  in what I saw.  But I figure everything deserves a second chance, so I revised my schedule to spend the first part of the morning in  Washington Square Park meeting and greeting other
plein air painters.

Broad Street from Larry Moore's vantage point
 I certainly wasn't disappointed this time.  To be sure, there were a couple of painters painting from photographs, but their work was so superior,  and they were supporting such a good cause, I could  no find issue with their painting with plein air artists.

Simon Kenevan painting a seascape.
Right from the moment I got near Washington Square , I could see that the members of PAP SE had turned out in force.
 They spilled out onto the sidewalk s surrounding Washington  Square
Mary Erickson painted
a Charleston Courtyard Garden
and many others painted inside the Washington Square Park

Figurative artists, Rhett Thurman painted her niece en plein air

Craig Nelson focused upon  one of the massive heritage oaks in the park

See below

Wes Frasier painted one of the park's statues

This  was one of the more inspiring  moments of the week,  Definitely worth the detour.  I only wish I had had more time to see the paintings through completion.

In conjunction with  watching the Painting in the Park, visitors could also meet the city’s next generation of artists and view a select group of paintings, created by some of the city’s most talented students  Paintings  completed during the  paint Washington Square out  paint out will be auctioned off  in participating Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association galleries to raise money for local student art programs and supporting art education in Charleston. 

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