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Friday, September 3, 2010

Behind the scenes: Brushstrokes Exhibit at Prevost Gallery 9 '10

The Brushstrokes Water-media Exhibit at the Prevost Gallery was a huge success, but 'success', did not 'just happen'.  Both the museum gallery and the members of the Georgetown Water Color Society put a lot of work into this exhibition and it paid off.

First both  the Guild and the gallery sent out invitations to everyone we knew.   As a result, we had a huge turn-out and the gallery was packed. (Below)

Unlike a art competition where the shown work is an judged and prizes are awarded to the winning artists, this was an exhibition.Tickets for door prizes were handed out to the attending artists and guests. The Georgetown Water- media Society Janice Cowan drew the winning tickets for the door prizes of gift certificates for dinner for two at local restaurants (below). Needless to say one of our members had to solicit those door prizes.

Saying it was not a judged show,  doesn't mean there were not any requirements to get ones work into the show:
  • Each member was allowed to only one entry
  • The quality had to be sufficent to gain approval of the Prevost gallery director.
  • The work had to be less than 30" in any dimension including the frame ( There's not a lot of wall space in the gallery).
  • The work had to have been painted in the last year.
  • The work could not have been shown before within Georgetown County.
  • The work had to be for sale, and
  • The  price had to be commensurate with the quality of the piece.
  • The work had to be watermedia....  (This was the hardest requirement  for me to as I am primarily a oil painter.)
Someone then had to sort , arrange the entries, and hang.  Others had to help with the food service at the reception.  In short it tokk an all hands on deck approach to make the event successful.  What better way for a new artist to learn about the behind the scene activities  necessary for selling art, than to get involved in one of these local art events.

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