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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guild, Guild and More Guild meetings 9 '10

All of the low country  Art Guilds seem to go into hibernation throughout the heat of the summer.  Come September, every last one of them are in a race to make up for lost time.  This past week has been a series of seemingly non-stop meetings  about upcoming exhibitions, shows, training, workshops, and fund-raising events.  It's a bit exhausting, but a lot of fun as well.
The month started off with an exhibition at the Prevost Gallery/Rice museum which was  sponsored by the Georgetown Watercolor Society. This event was followed  by the group's monthly meeting ... a video training workshop watched in the luxury of leather arm chairs.
That same weekend the Charleston Art Guild held its jury-in process, then two days later its monthly members meeting.  About half of CAG's 400+ members showed up to vote on changes to the Guild by-laws,
and watch a demonstration of palette knife painting by artist, Jim Pratt.

The CAG  meeting wasn't all serious business..   We got a hilarious Chippendale- like demonstration of how the Guild's fund-raising calendar "Southern Exposures" was made.


Not to be outdone by the Charleston Guild's strip tease, the Waccamah Arist Craftsmen Guild's monthly meeting featured a wet t-shirt contest... AKA -  Acrylic Sand Resist  workshop.  What fun!

The Sea Coast Artist Guild also held a heavily attended  monthly meeting the same week .

Our speaker was  the art director of the Chapin Museum, who gave an enlightening presentation on how she creates exhibits . 
 who gave an enlightening presentation on  the history of the museum how she creates exhibits .
This group is very civic-minded , so almost half the meeting was taken up with upcoming fundraisers..  book sales, logo shirts, mini canvases to be sold at Christmas,and of course  a luncheon held the next day at a local pastaria.  Pass the vino , please!
The door prize was a painting completed on the spot by Barney Slice..

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