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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm now officially an Exhibiting Member of the Charlston Artist Guild

Hurrah!  I am soooo happy.  I have been officially upgraded to an Exhibiting member of the Charleston Artist Guild

It's been a long week /month.  I  belong to four different art guilds.  Beicoming a member of the guilds is easy... Just pay your dues,  But becoming accepted as an exhibiting artist in each of them, and putting things into each of their shows, requires an effort over and beyond what the wallet will buy.  The most difficult for me has been the Charleston Artists Guild.   Not only do  members have to pay their dues, be active in the organization, and attend the meetings, but they have to be accepted in  through a rigorous jurying process which only occurs twice a year. 

So???? you say... 

The catch is that all of the above takes place in Charleston which is a 75 mile drive ( one way.)  So this past week I put 150 miles on my car hauling three paintings down to the guilds gallery on a Sunday morning. I  had to drop three, original, framed paintings off between 9 and 9:30 am.  Then while the paintings were being judged on composition, brushwork, consitency of style, theme etc, I had to wait around for four hours in the heat to pick the paintings up again. 

Two days later I  make another 150 mile trip to  Charleston to attend the Guild's, first membership meeting of the year.

Then , after two days of nail biting wondering whether I would be accepted.....Hurray!  The acceptance letter just arrived.   I am so happy.

"So why all the bother?", you ask.

(1)  Exposure:  The Guild's Gallery is right on the main tourist drag in the heart of the arts and historical district.  In addition they sponsor and participate in manyhighly visible art shows all around the city.
(2) Prestige:  Because they are picky about who can be an exhibitor, they have a reputation for high quality work, so just saying you are an exhibiting memebr improves my resume.
(3) Personal Growth:  They sponsor all sorts of lectures and workshops with well known instructors, and just there is much to be learned just hanging out with other high califber artists.
And (4) $$$ is always a consideration.  Just look at the prizes for an upcoming exhibition being help next month...

People’s Choice (determined by public voting) - $500
Purchase Award - $1,800
Best in Show - $900
First Place - $400
Second Place    - $300
Third Place - $200
Honorable Mention (4 awards) - $50

Winning one of those ought to pay for the gas to Charleston and back.

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