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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Exploring new trails in Huntington Beach SP SC 11"11

Bruce and I took a walk in Huntington Beach State Park today.  I had hoped to get some reference photos but the lighting was not good.  Just the same we did find some interesting new vistas that we hadn't seen before. We followed a dirt service road and found that it led all the way through the park to the park's southern boundaries.
Then we took another trail from behind the visitor center through the woods.  It led to a dock on the fresh water marsh. ( I had always wondered how one got to that dock).
 We also walked out the full length of the new salt marsh board walk starting  the Nature Center
 The shadows had started to lengthen and the scenery was getting more interesting It wasn't hard to imagine how much nicer it would be early in the morning or late in the evening  when there was more birds, or reflections.
 Today walk has opened up a whole new areas for photography.  I just have to wait for the light to be right to take reference photos.

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