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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seagrove NC and surrounding areal 11 '11

As a special birthday treat Bruce took me to see the Seagrove Pottery Festival in North Carolina. But the pottery wasn't the only treat in store for me that day.   The scenery on the  trip itself was right out of an artists dream.
Now I know that with a name like Seagrove, you must be thinking ,
"this place is on the coast, right?"
Wrong! the Community of Seagrove, NC  is almost dead center of the state.

The town itself is small --- really only  a coffee shop convenience store and a post office on a single intersection surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful rolling farmland.  Every where you look there is some interesting and colorful building ( many of them are in use as pottery studios)
And then there are roads that lead off  seemingly aimlessly
which in reality are local shortcuts to other community gathering spots ..
like this general store which seems to be the entire town of "WHY NOT" .

It would definitely be worth a return trip just to be able to explore the area more thoroughly.

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