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Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Paintings in the works

New finished paintings for wildlife series waiting to be framed.

Lest you think all I have been painting for the past two months is  playful miniatures, let me assure you I have been busy.    I decided  to get a head start on the work I will need completed when the South Carolina Wildlife Art  Exhibition opens in February. Since Nov 1,  I have completed six  9" x 12" oil paintings of marsh birds.
Three Wildlife Series works in progress.
I have three more marsh bird scenes in progress.
( For those of you who are wondering... I often paint the background first, leaving the bird itself until last... So the red bird shape will become a white egret... the white bird shape a red-wing black bird (after I complete the background) and the rice gate will have a blue heron added to a post..)

And after I complete the marsh birds, I 'll try painting some mink, river otter, alligators and other SC wetland critters from photos I've collected at Huntington Beach State Park.

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