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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kings Mountain, SC 11 '11

This weekend we are visiting King's Mountain State Park, SC
 and its sister site, Crowder Mountain SP NC
King's Mountain
It's the site of a famous Revolutionary War Battle that changed the course of the war In Oct. of 1792, the American Revolutionary war hero, Col. William Campbell  successfully led the patriots against  Lt. Gen. Charles Lord Cornwallis, commander-in-chief of the British army in the South.The Kings men had encamped on the top of the mountain, Campbell's troops used the cover of the forest to sneak up on them, but then they had to battle their way to the top while climbing up the exposed escarpment.  The patriots victory  at Kings Mountain SC was one of the most important events recorded in modern history.

Of course we too had to hike to the top of the King's Mountain
The trail is short but steep and. for the most part the trail is well shaded by the forest canopy, but the last several hundred feet are straight out rock climbing.  I kept reminding myself, that William Campbell's men had to climb the escarpment while battling Cornwallis' troops, so I had nothing to complain about.
    Eventually we both made it to the top of the peak
It was well worth the effort
The views were breathtaking in all directions
and I was really happy to find I could  still climb a mountain,
 even if it is only  1705' high!

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